Finally begin long trip

Tomorrow we will be in Bendigo and then on Thursday we will finally meet up with one of our travelling couples (Bruce and Linda Weatherhead) and head off for Mildura. The other couple (Al and Judy Watson) unfortunately will be delayed for some days but we are hoping they will be able to join up with us some where in South Australia. Ian at the moment has a very heavy cold and has almost lost his voice, so he is a little miserable, but says he is fine to keep driving. I will try to write something in this blog regularly and post photos as well, so hopefully, anyone who is interested enough to follow our 3 month trip through S.A., N.T. and W.A. can do so. It is almost 8 weeks since we left the farm at Stanhope and we have adjusted very well to being ‘homeless’ – we feel like snails pulling their home with them. On all our trip – right up to Townsville, back to Kyabram and then to Geelong, we have had quite cool to cold weather and are looking forward to getting some warmth into our bones, although we understand it may be Darwin before that can happen. So far we have met some lovely people, seen some lovely sights, and are thoroughly enjoying being ‘grey nomads’.Janese and Ian


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