Day 1 of our 3 month ‘adventure’


yummy vanilla slice

Tonight’s stopover – Ouyen – the top renown of this town is to make the best vanilla slice in Australia (has won that comp. many years running) – hence the attached photo. We will share these with Bruce and Linda for dessert tomorrow night! We thought the country side from Bendigo looked great – the crops are in, although obviously late (awaiting rain), but they will look good in a few months time. We had lunch at Charlton and saw some evidence of the terrible flood which hit that town last year. They had an amazing caravan/travelling stop-over complex (toilets/bbq/picnic area/walking track/an area where caravans could be washed etc.) which really impressed us. Tourists in a town means money spent in a town and so they are making great use of that theory. We spent more money than intended though when Ian discovered the Anderson plug (recharges caravan batteries while we are driving and operates the fridge etc.) had come loose and had been disintegrated somewhere on the road from Bendigo. Fortunately the local Auto electrician (who said he fixes at least 1 a fortnight) came to the party and within an hour or so we were on our way with a much better set-up than previously.

Weather through the day has been mild, although the morning temp. tomorrow is to be around zero, but it is winter after all.

Unfortunately, Bruce and Linda have not caught up with us yet — they are only 88 kms away at Sea Lake but it became too late and too dark for them to travel further so we will meet up with them in the morning.


3 responses to “Day 1 of our 3 month ‘adventure’

  1. Hi Ian and Janise,

    Hope you enjoy your trip. Geoff and I are leaving on the 23rd July to go to Harvey Bay for about 5 weeks we are taking our computer so will keep up with your travels all our love and safe journey.

    Irene and Geoff

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