Day 2

Lovely scenery

Whoops – my post last night somehow got lost. Here ’tis— It was another very cold night but we had heaters and electric blankets whereas Bruce and Linda were at a roadside stop with no power. They were very relieved to catch up with us and have a hot cup of tea in the morning. I spent some time cooking up all the vegetables into a soup as we found we cannot take vegetables/rice/fruit into NSW and SA. A nuisance but understandable with the threat of fruit fly. Honey too is a no-no, which meant Linda had to give her 2 new bottles awa. Before we left Ian could not find his car/carvan key. We spent ages searching the van, the park, then retraced our steps on our long walk into the town the day before, went to the local police station — all to no avail. He finally found them when we arrived at Mildura – they were in the pocket of his track suit. What a relief.  We travelled to Mildura through Mallee scrub territory and the scenery was lovely. Crops in – but sown dry obviously. Hope they get rain soon. Pulled in at a magnificent Park in Mildura and have booked in for at least 2 nights to give Bruce and Linda a chance to get into ‘holiday’ mode as their trip yesterday was very long. Went to a local shopping centre where Ian picked up the BAS statement which Andrew had posted on, and Bruce and Linda went shopping. The ‘grey nomads’ are good for the economy that’s for sure. They purchased a 16″ Sonic TV — with just an old aerial Bruce was able to get the most amazing reception. He is very pleased. We went for a long walk along a branch of the Murray. The scrub was very dry and it was not as attractive as other parts of the Murray, but we all enjoy a walk so it was worth it. Some chaps were fishing off the bank. Love to all. Janese


One response to “Day 2

  1. Hello. You could call on Brian Bleeser(uncle who you showed the van) at historic corner house next to 101 Eleventh St., Mildura. Geraldine Sherman called today-they milked at 9.30 on -4degree morning, this morning. cheers Pauline

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