Day 4

We went to church this morning – Bruce and Linda chose a local Assembly of God church. It was okay, but not the kind of church service we are used to. Our choice next Sunday! After church we travelled through Merbein and then crossed the border into NSW at Wentworth. The road to Broken Hill was very good – we saw many caravans heading south. The scenery went from very dry, salty scrubby bush, to quite nice fairly attractive large grazing/cropping properties. There were a few emus crossing the road so we had to be aware of them. Saw a few feral goats as well. In fact a large animal transport drove out on to the road and it was full of wild goats — no doubt off to an abbatoir somewhere.  We stopped and had lunch at a large lake just off the highway. I unknowingly left my mobile phone on the picnic table there and a lovely girl found it and rang Rabeen (after using my phonebook numbers) who then rang me, and I was able to make contact. This lovely girl dropped the phone off to me at our Van park about 3 hours after we arrived. As to finding this Van park, thank goodness for SatNav — we would have struggled to find the park we chose to go to – Broken Hill is quite a large city! It is a basic park and not all sites have power (it is connected – just some of the power outlets do not work) but in the end we were able to find power for both our vans. There are around 15 other vans here overnight. We intend to do all the touristy things — tour of the mine, ProHart gallery etc. and so plan to stay for at least 2 nights. It may be longer because Bruce’s car failed to start after we arrived here in Broken Hill. He will contact NRMA tomorrow. He is hoping it won’t be something too bad. Today is Andrew’s birthday, so we rang him. He was able to help me with inserting these photos into the blog, and we also were able to have a lovely chat with little Will. The weather is quite mild. We are now 1/2 hour behind the eastern states, because Broken Hill goes on South Australian time — Yippee — an extra sleep in!! Love to all, Janese and Ian


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