Day 5

Although it is a very basic caravan park, it was lovely and quiet over night — well off any main road. We woke to the pitter patter of rain drops and as the morning progressed so did the amount of rain which fell. Broken Hill was under a slow moving cloud band and up to 40ml was predicted for the day. It rained most of the day and we could not believe how quickly the very deep gutters overflowed. The RAA came to check out Bruce’s car — it may not be a major problem, but they needed to tow it into town to get it over a hoist, hence the photo of the truck which picked up Bruce’s ute. You can see the rain falling in the photo. Because of the rain we chose to do indoor touristy things today. We visited a gem and mineral museum which was very interesting and after lunch went to the Pro Hart Gallery. He was a prollific painter. Each spot we went to (Info. centre and the museum and gallery) were jammed packed with fellow tourists. We certainly keep the economy moving that’s for sure. Entry fees are fairly reasonable too. Poor Linda has almost lost her voice with her wog, so found the cold wind and rain a bit discomforting. Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow. More hopefully — Ian and I and Bruce do not catch it!!! Rabeen emailed some new photos of our little grandson in Townsville. It was so lovely to see them. By tea time the rain had finally stopped so we hope that any thing we choose to do tomorrow will be much more pleasant. Bruce has been told it may be a couple of days before his car is ready so we are fortunate to be in a place where there are oodles of tourist ‘venues’. There is only one mine tour available and it is about 25kms away in the historic town of Silverton and we plan to do that tour to

Off for repairs

Ian and ‘friend’

Gem museum

morrow. Broken Hill is not an attractive town, but it is certainly steeped in the history of mining and is well worth the visit. We have certainly needed our SatNav to find our way around because it is quite a large city. Many of the street names link up with its mining history — granite, beryl, iodide, bromide, sulphide, chloride etc. Ian read an interesting fact about Broken Hill in one of the brochures “there are more trucks and traffic lights underground than above ground!” We had to do some grocery shopping and once we entered the CENTRO PLAZA we could have been anywhere. They sure are clones of each other! Love to all. Janese and Ian


One response to “Day 5

  1. Glad to see it’s raining everywhere! It poured last night here in Townsville some places got over 100ml certainly very unusual for our dry season. Sounds like you’re having fun getting to do all the touristy things. Love you Susan

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