Day 7

Not a very interesting blog today because unfortunately Bruce’s ute is still not ready so we had another day in Broken Hill. Linda and I took the opportunity to do all our washing and also vacuumed and cleaned our caravans. Ian and Bruce spent a lot of the morning talking to fellow travellers — some leaving the park and others coming in. Ian was able to help a chap affix a pvc tent pole carrier on the front of his van. Each time Ian and Bruce get talking they usually come back with some ‘travelling intelligence’ i.e. advice or information which is handy to know. We all reckon by the time our 3 months are up we will have everything as we need it!!! Many of the people coming into the park are coming out of remote areas which have been flooded and closed up. Some of the campers are booking into the cabins and then spending the day getting their tents and equipment dry. Others have had to cancel their plans to visit more remote towns such as Whitecliffs and are on their way back to their homes in Victoria. It is still very muddy in places here but it has not rained since the night before last and today was a nice day — a good wind blowing and the sun shining intermittently. We managed to get all our washing dry which was good. Bruce was having trouble with his hip so visited the local chiropractor today. Hopefully he will feel more comfortable after the treatment.

The cook and his supervisor

We chose to have a BBQ tea but the gas in the ‘recreation room’ had run out so Bruce used the BBQ at our van and we then went to the rec. room and enjoyed a nice meal. There was a heater in the rec. room and a small lounge area where there was a tv., and a large games table with a draughts/chess board engraved on it. We played 2 games.

Eating the delicious BBQ meal

Hopefully we will pick up the ute. tomorrow and we plan to get to Peterborough in South Australia. We have been in touch with Al. and Judy and it may be some time before they can leave on their trip. Whether or not they can eventually join up with us remains to be seen but we do hope so.

Love to all. Janese and Ian


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