Day 8

No photos tonight. There has been a major damage to power poles etc. in this part of South Australia and the internet is a bit dodgy and is too slow to download photos, so will just type an update of our day. Finally Bruce’s ute was repaired and $2,239 later he was able to pick it up. He was absolutely shocked with the cost but it had to be done. We all took a long walk to a local IGA and bought up on essentials and then after the two vans were hooked up we finally left Broken Hill around 12.15p.m. We crossed the South Australian border an hour or so later and stopped at a roadside stop for lunch. Met a couple who told us about the trouble people were having in Queensland following the unseasonal rain up there when they were just up that way and they also warned us about people getting well and truly bogged here in South Australia. We do not intend to go off the beaten track so should be okay. They spent all lunch time trying to dry out their camper/tent which was saturated in a heavy downpour in Bourke the night before. They then left for Adelaide. We called in at a stop for diesel and gas at a small town called Yunta and then arrived around 5.15pm at Peterborough. It seems to be a most interesting town so we may spend another night here. Bruce wants to be in Quorn for Saturday to do the Pichi Richi railway tour (Ian and I did this many years ago and we know Bruce will love it because he is steam train ‘mad’). However, what Ian and I do depends on a small problem I have with one of my teeth. I have left a message with a dentist in Port Pirie (closest dentist) to see if they can fit me in. Hope they can. Otherwise I will ring ahead to Port Augusta and then Alice Springs and then Darwin to see who can fit me in. It is a nuisance especially because I had just had my 6 month check up and everything was ok.

The scenery today was very uninteresting — low salt bush as far as the eye could see right to the horizon on both sides. The road was very good though. We could see the result of the heavy rain which had fallen earlier this week and could see thunderclouds in the distance but did not get any actual rain until after we had booked into this very nice caravan park.

Because the power poles etc. are damaged we have been unable to get TV reception so challenged Bruce and Linda to a couple of games of Scrabble.  4 people playing makes it a quick game but it was good fun.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


2 responses to “Day 8

  1. Despite the weather, it must feel good to be travelling. (US dictionary??) Your word pictures and the photos are great! Windy, wet and cold in Canberra but fresh snow has fallen so Geoff has had a few days skiing. Doug

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