Day 11 – Port Augusta

Our 2 vans (with A van inbetween)

The Van Park is in a quiet spot right on a shoreline of Spencer Gulf and across the water is the major railway track. The trains shunted on and off through the night and it was amazing just how close they sounded despite the fact they are quite some distance away. However, we all agreed it was a good sound to hear through the night. This morning we attended the local Uniting Church for their 9.00am service. It was a good service – the people were nice and friendly, the songs and hymns were very nice, and the minister was great. There was a cuppa following the service and we met other travellers who had come to the church to offer their assistance to paint the church. There is an organisation called Mobile Mission Maintenance  and anyone (mostly retired people) anywhere in Australia can log on to their website and if there is a job somewhere in Australia which any church of any denomination needs assistance with, they can offer to travel there and help. These 3 couples have been here for 2 weeks with another week left. It is all volunteer work and they were really enjoying themselves. Great idea. They are also staying at the same Van Park as us.

A couple from the church, Keith and Meredith Green asked us all for lunch.

BBQ at the Green’s

We took up their offer and had a lovely BBQ in their lovely entertainment area at the back of their house. It was a great afternoon and we did not arrive back at the Park until after 4.30pm. After church and before driving to their home for lunch, we took the opportunity to look over a local Sunday Craft Market nearby where Linda bought a very old iron (the type which needed coals inserted to get it hot). We jokingly remarked it would be hard to use on this trip!! Like lots of those markets there was more junk than good stuff but it was worth a look.Bruce, Linda and Ian went for a long walk after we got back but I stayed back and took some photos and prepared tea. While on their walk they happened to see the Ghan as it passed through Port Augusta – just at the same time as I went out to take some photos so I was able to get a photo of the Ghan. There were perhaps 8 or 9 carriages with cars on them and just as many passenger carriages.

The GHAN passing through Port Augusta

The beach at the back of the Van Park

We will be here for another night or so as we await the verdit on the trouble with Bruce’s ute. There are quite a few good touristy venues for us to visit so we won’t have trouble filling in the time as we wait. Hopefully the weather will stay fine. All the wet weather we have experienced throughout this holiday has been most unseasonal and it has made for some very muddy areas in and around the Van Parks as well as the tourist venues. You can see just how red the soil and the beach sand is around here — makes for very sticky mud when wet! Fortunately, we don’t need to see all that is available for tourism during this stop as Port Augusta is the only town which we will have to pass through again on our way back from Western Australia, so what we don’t see this time, we can see some time in September.

Love to all, Janese and Ian




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