Day 16 (July 20th)- update – at Curtin Springs

Another long straight road ahead

What a relief to be back in mobile/internet range (now Sunday 22nd) so I will back-track to 2 days ago.
Following another very cool night we had a late start from Marla as Linda was having trouble with her internet access and it took time to get technical help. It was a lovely clear day, but once again a very cold, biting wind blowing. Seems to have been windy all holiday!! We crossed into the Northern Territory around 11.00am. Failed to get a photo of the road signs on crossing the border – they said ‘SPEED LIMITS OF 100 KPH APPLY UNLESS SIGNPOSTED OTHERWISE’ and then just 20 metres further on was a sign for 130KPH! We met up for lunch at a large (and extremely busy) petrol stop called Erldunda, re-fuelled and then headed west on the Lasseter Highway to Curtin Springs. We had rung in advance for a van booking which was good as they were all gone when we arrived there. Bruce and Linda chose an unpowered site – it was free with $3 for a shower. We have averaged $25 a night for our vans. Diesel is now getting expensive – we paid $1.93 at Erldunda.

Our first view of Mt. Connor

Although the Van Park at Curtin Springs was in a nice spot (Mt. Connor in the background) we all agreed the facilities were absolutely atrocious! Quite smelly toilets and very poor quality showers, so were grateful to have a fully equipped caravan, but Bruce and Linda are not so lucky.  This is also the first Van park where the vans were parked so close there was just enough room to open the door. Like a few places around here – to cater for the large number of international visitors, this Park had large aviaries with all types of Australian native birds, plus a large pub. and petrol station, and a pet emu which wandered about. Linda had left their Van door open and it was poking its head in there. Probably thinking it might find some food to scrounge.

Ian and the tame Emu

This Tourist stop was originally opened up by the Severin family in the 1970’s- their nephew Peter Severin ran a dairy farm next to ours in Stanhope. Ian was able to have a chat with the uncle. It is also part of a large cattle station of over 1,000,000 acres.This was the first spot were were out of mobile etc. range which surprised us as it has been available in most areas. There was also only 1 tv channel available and it fortunately did show the AFL. Anyone following this blog will know I managed to get out a small message via an internet access at the pub there but it was $2 for 6 minutes and it took all that time just to type those few words!

Bruce and Linda drove to see Mt.Connor in the sunset, as we had decided we would not do so for Ayres Rock owing to the distance needing to be travelled back at night.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


3 responses to “Day 16 (July 20th)- update – at Curtin Springs

  1. hello Ian and Janese I have been reading your wonderful blog and love to hear all about your travels many of the places we have been look forward to many more interesting and well written stories. We are in the middle of calving now so very busy take care enjoy your travels from Julie Tyrrell

  2. Well you can’t half tell dad is grandmas son. It seems everywhere you go you run into someone who knows someone you know. I’m surprised you haven’t run into any relatives yet :-). Sounds like you are having fun loving the blog. Love you bith heaps.

  3. Ha ha ! Susan took my thunder on the ‘meeting someone you know’ comment, Enjoying following your travels, now I don’t have to leave my loungeroom. Love J

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