Day 22 – to the Devil’s Marbles

Before we hooked up our Van to leave Alice Springs, Ian took Linda and I grocery shopping so that we had enough food to get us through for a few days because for the next few nights we would be in smaller towns/parks. We left Alice Springs around 9.45am. Alice Springs was an amazing town – so very tidy and so very well set out and easy to drive around. There was quite a large CBD with all the usual shops. We were quite impressed. Well worth the visit.

Roadside vegetation out of Alice Springs

There was not too much to see on the road today but we stopped at the odd roadside memorial – some were to explorers, some were to Overland Telegraph workers and one was for a teamster. Not much information at these spots though.We pulled in at a small spot called Ti Tree and stopped for lunch. It really was just a Pub and Petrol stop. There was quite a cold wind blowing so we ate inside our vans and then pulled out and continued on.

All the Vans at Devil’s Marbles Roadside stop

We had earlier decided to pull into the Roadside Van Park available at the site of the Devil’s Marbles. It has basic facilities such as a toilet and some fireplaces. When we arrived just around 4.00pm it was almost full. The cost was $3.30 pp per night and an honesty box was left at the entrance. No generators were allowed but we were able to cope quite well as we have solar panels and batteries which gave us 12v lighting etc. We also have our own toilet and shower so were not roughing it as such.

Beginning the walk amongst the Devil’s Marbles

Once we set up we then went for a walk amongst the Marbles. Ian, Bruce and Linda climbed to the top of one of the larger stones, while I walked around a lot of the other areas. Some of the boulders are HUGE! It wasn’t until later we found out that the local indigenous people request people do not climb out of respect to their culture so we felt a little guilty. For tea we had a BBQ using our side gas BBQ but there was a very strong cold wind blowing so we did not stay out long after sunset. Much to our surprise a dingo walked through the Camp. We found out from other travellers that they had seen this dingo (and the ones at Ormiston Gorge) as well. Maybe they are paid by NT Tourism to give tourists a photographic opportunity! (Let’s hope that is not the case with crocodiles!!)

Dingo near our car at Devil’s Marbles

This dingo at the Devil’s Marbles just wandered in and out of the area a few times at a most leisurely pace – much to the chagrin of all the dogs which some people had travelling with them as they are required to be leashed at all times!! These domestic dogs barked and barked and barked and the dingo did not even look at them let alone show any reaction!  The Marbles looked quite spectacular at sunset but I did not bother to take a photo as it was around the other side of the camp and there was such a cold wind blowing. The sunrise was on the side we were parked, but I did not intend to wake up early to catch the sunrise on camera, so you’ll have to take my word for it!

Love to all, Janese and Ian


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