Day 25 – 29th July 2012 – still at Mataranka

There won’t be much to write in today’s blog. Today was to be a rest day and that is what it was. I took the opportunity to catch up on all the washing and it was a great day to do it. There was a good breeze blowing so everything was dry by lunchtime. I also took the opportunity to wash Ian’s woollen jumpers – today is the first day he has not had to wear one!! The only photo I took today was of the laundry line just to show the lovely bougainvilla growing there. All the plants and trees here certainly are showing us we are in a tropical area.

Bougainvilla at washing line

Ian met up with a fellow ‘Traveller’ caravan owner who was also pulling his van with a Landcruiser so he came over to see the special pull-out side mirrors which we have. In the end they got to talking and this chap had been unable to work out some of the electrics which control all the 12v solar system. Ian was able to show him how ours worked and this chap was so pleased as he had not been able to work it out for the 2 years he had his Caravan. Later on in the day another similar Van to ours pulled in and Ian was able to have a long chat with them as well. Just like us they love their Vans and are very pleased with their choice.Some of our near ‘neighbours’ have been giving us advice on various things to do when we get to Western Australia. If we do all that we have been advised over the past couple of weeks we will need years, not weeks!! However, it is good to hear such great reports. I guess the main advice we get is ‘just do it’. Our Vans are in a sort of semi-circle and beside Bruce and Linda’s are a couple called Bruce and Jan. So in these 4 vans there are 2 Bruce’s, 2 Jan’s, 2 Ians, 1 Janese and 1 Linda. Some names are common!!!

Late this afternoon Ian decided to go for a swim in the thermal pool. He enjoyed it. The water was crystal clear and was quite warm. It is estimated to be about 32C. The Weatherheads and the Baulchs went too. Ian Baulch’s ankle is a lot better today so that is good.

Although I am saying we are at Mataranka, this Caravan Park is a few kilometres out of the town in an area called Bitter Springs – so named when, in the latter part of the 19th century, surveyors for the Overland Telegraph Line tasted the water and declared it ‘bitter’. None of us has been game enough to actually drink it but when it has splashed into mouths while swimming no-one noticed any bitter taste.

We have begun to notice the lack of twilight now we are in the tropics. It is amazing how quickly darkness comes when the sun sets.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


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