Day 30 – 3 Aug 2012 – still at Howard Springs

It was another lovely mild night with a cool, but very pleasant morning. I looked up local hairdressers on the internet and found one about 1 km from our caravan park so rang and was able to get in for an appointment. It was in early June in Townsville the last time I went to a hairdresser so I was very grateful for this lady to fit me in. I am pleased with the result. Her shop was called ‘The Shearing Shed”.

Washing the Landcruiser

While I was there Ian took the opportunity to get out the pressure washer and clean both the Landcruiser and the caravan. He also vacuumed out the Landcruiser – it was certainly dirty and dusty. I think it was in Geelong the last time Ian was able to wash both vehicles. We have now done over 6,000 kms since leaving Geelong in early July.

After lunch we visited a placed called Crocodyllis Park. It is a crocodile farm opened to public display and also has a small zoo with the usual Australian fauna, but also a couple of lions, various monkeys and turtles etc. It was very good, although somehow we missed the tiger – it either was well camouflaged, or it was not there!

Croc jumping for some chicken

We arrived in time to see one of the croc. feeding sessions. There were small pens everywhere with male and female crocs in each. It seemed cruel to me, but he explained that their territory in the wild is not much bigger and that most crocs sleep or rest most of the time, and only eat occasionally. The pens with baby crocs which are used in commercial trade for their skins and meat were amazing. All up they raise many thousands each year.

Some of the stuff for sale in the info. shop were lovely handbags, but the average price was around $1,900. I gave them a miss. The guide explained all about both the farming of crocs and the protection of crocs. This farm is one of the best for research in the understanding of crocodiles, their habits, and their importance in the whole ecology of wetlands etc.

This venue also had a Crocodile Museum. It was very good and there was a lot of information – both written and in pictures or photos, as well as a power point display. Some crocodiles can reach amazing lengths as you can see from the skin above Ian in the next picture.

Large crocodile skin on display

We then drove down to Fannie Bay beach and enjoyed the view. The sea was a most lovely deep blue and there was a nice cool breeze blowing so we sat there for some time, using the binoculars to see the yachts and fishing boats. Very peaceful.

Fannie Bay in background

Darwin is quite a pretty city and we are impressed with the major aterial roads which help moving around from venue to venue. Darwin is still a defence base with a fairly large military and airforce contingent. Occasionally through the day large jets fly over – reminds me so much of Townsville I sometimes forget that I am a long way away from my family over there.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


2 responses to “Day 30 – 3 Aug 2012 – still at Howard Springs

    • Thank you. Ian has never used my camera before so he is now practising, and doing a great job. Weather lovely and balmy. Shorts and T-shirt weather! Can’t remember what it was like to be so cold all those weeks ago. Hope all is well your end. Love, Janese

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