Day 35 – Still at Katherine

Just noticed I forgot to ‘post’ yesterday’s blog, so that was sent a few minutes ago. Have had some comments that some photos do not download. No idea why. Hope it doesn’t happen too often.

Today has been a very quiet day. I was lucky to be able to get in to see the local Dentist. The inflamed gum was caused by a bit of broken bone still embedded in the gum. He was able to remove it, x-ray the area to make sure there were no other bone fragments and gave me the all-clear. Cost $89. Well worth it. I have an antibiotic prescription if I need to use it in 3 days or so but he reckons all will be ok. It feels 100% better already so I think he will be right. We are so grateful for these businesses who do the best they can to fit in travellers. The receptionist said they get calls like this all the time as Katherine is the main route to Darwin and the only road west to Western Australia,

While we were in the town (our caravan park is a few kms north of Katherine) we took the opportunity to buy a few groceries.

Water flowing under Bridge near our Park

On the road outside our Park is a ‘low level bridge’. Must be 30 feet or so below the bank. It spans a most beautiful part of the Katherine River so I couldn’t resist a photo. Just the other side of this is the first paddock of cultivated crop we have seen for who knows how long. It was lucerne. There is not much agriculture around this area – too hot. Locals say this is the hottest town in the Northern Territory. Today is another 31C and there is a slight breeze blowing, but it is not a cool one, and it only increases the dust. Although the park always has sprinklers going it is mainly for dust suppression as the grass does not seem to green up too well. We are getting used to the sight of dusty footpaths and brown lawns – reminds us of the drought in Stanhope anyway. It was one of the reasons we were so pleased to see the lush green lucerne paddock near here. It’s strange but water does not seem to be an issue here even though it is so dry. Sprinklers are on in all places – Nat. Parks, front lawns/footpaths, picnic spots – but there is still a shortage of lush green.

Dry and dusty ground at our Park

Ian and I have decided we will head off towards Western Australia tomorrow. It is over 500kms to Kunnunarra so we may not do it in one day. We have the choice of a couple of places where we can stay tomorrow night.

There are very strict rules regarding the taking of food into Western Australia and each van and car etc. is personally checked at the border. We have made sure we have no fruit or vegies on board. Honey is also a no-no. We do have a booklet which tell us what we can and cannot do so presume it will be up to date.

It has been good to have a ‘rest-day’. I have caught up on washing and completely cleaned the Van. I also washed both our sneakers. They were getting rather scruffy after all the dirt and dust which we have walked in on our bush walks and in and around Van Parks. Most of the Park emptied by 10am this morning, but when we got back from the Dentists around 12.30pm there were already another 10 or so booked in and set up. Just down the road from this Park is a BIG 4 Park – it is HUGE! – makes ours seem like a small backyard – and it too is almost always full. Ah the life of the idle rich!!! I don’t know about the rich, but the word ‘idle’ is most appropriate.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


2 responses to “Day 35 – Still at Katherine

  1. Thought the missing photo’s from your blog might have been something just we were experiencing. Hope the “tooth” situation has now settled.

    • Hello there. Well, these missing photos are a mystery. Is it only on one day or is it happening a lot? Mind you, I don’t know what I can do about it. I know just enough about computers to get myself into trouble! It is lovely knowing you are reading the blog. Makes me feel in contact. The time away from family and friends is the hardest of this trip and there is still 8 or so weeks to go. Christine sends the occasional MMS of baby Ethan and Andrew does the same for Will, and we have skyped once to each family – but it is not as good as being able to hug them! The weather is really hotting up now but we do have air-conditioning in the Van and it works very well. You will see when I do tonight’s blog that we are at Timber Creek. Tomorrow we head over the W.A. border. Much to our surprise some of the scenery on today’s trip was AMAZING. We thought it would be open plain lands, but nothing like it at all. The N.T. has continued to surprise us every where we go. My sore gum is almost 100% right now thank goodness. It has taken a while. Hope all well your end. Keep in touch. Love, Janese

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