Day 38 – 11 Aug 2012 – at Kununurra

It was an extremely WINDY night and because we had the windows open to be cool, the Van was covered in red  dust. Took me a while to clean it all up.

Ian took the opportunity to go and get his hair cut. She did a good job. What an innovate way to earn money while travelling. There was also an ad. there for clothing alterations etc. Very clever.

We drove the 34km back to the Victoria Hwy and then drove 34km to Kununurra.

Just at the back of our Van

We chose the first caravan park on our way. It is called Lakeside Resort and that is exactly what it is. We could not get a powered site but that is ok as we can survive on our solar batteries for a few days – all our lighting is 12v. and we use the gas for cooking and have a pump for getting water into the shower. Our site backs right on to the lake and it is so very pretty. Very relaxing.

We booked in for a 3 hour or so tour of the Ord River Agriculture/Irrigation scheme. The bus picked us up at the Park and there were only 6 other people on the tour. It was certainly interesting, but we were both disappointed to see that the main commodity using the irrigation water was not food, but sandalwood.

Sandalwood plantation

Acres and acres and acres of it all under this commodity. It has a 15 year time span before it can be proven to be viable and is still a few years away from that. Millions and millions of $ from super. schemes have been ploughed into this product (the oil is in great demand by Parisian Perfume makers) and is considered a very lucrative product. However, the driver agreed with us that is could go ‘belly=up’ quite easily. Hope none of our Super Funds are investing in this!!!! Very little eating food is produced owing to the huge cost of transportation to major cities, when similar food can be obtained from other areas of Australia or other countries at a much cheaper price.

Only 3% of all the water in the Lake Argyle/Ord River  irrigation scheme is used for irrigation – the remaining 97% is allowed to flow out to sea. All because ‘environmentalists’ and ‘greenies’ have put a stop to other major uses of the water. The driver said that land dispute (native title) with indigenous people is also a big issue in opening up the land for further development.

We didn’t get back to the Park until 4.30pm

Kununurra is a very pretty, well laid out town. The population is 8,500 but during the main tourist season April to September the daily population is around 14,000! How’s that! The 2 of us are part of that increase.

The weather much cooler here – around 27C. Very pleasant.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


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