Day 39 – 12 Aug 2012 – Still at Kununurra

A very quiet  night. Dressed for church and then drove around the town to see which church we might go to as we had searched on the internet but they did not give times. The Uniting Church did not meet till the evening so we crossed that one off our list. We saw the Baptist Church was 10.30 and thought we would give that a go. As it was 8.30am we drove around the town a bit and then decided to go to the lookout on the top of a hill in the town when we drove past a People’s Community Church which was to start at 9.00. There were quite a few people (and families) entering the building so we went in also. It was a good service. The people were very friendly. One couple there knew Ian and Marlene Morgan from Stanhope. How small this world is!! We stayed for a cuppa after the service. The Pastor and his wife were aboriginal and they were lovely people. We had a good long chat.

After lunch we drove to Wyndham – 100kms from Kununurra. This is a small town which has not progressed like Kununurra and has a population of just around 800. The road to Wyndham was the least attractive scenery we have seen on all our trip, but the main reason for this was that for long distances both side of the road had been ‘control burned’ so it did not look so nice.

Even the town itself was not so attractive, compared to the other towns we have been in anyway. The houses were much older and not so well kept. There is a 3.7km drive up a mountain range for a lookout called ‘5 rivers view’ so we did that.

View from ‘5 Rivers Lookout’

This view is exactly as it says – 5 rivers (the Durack, the Kink, the Pentecost, the Forrest and the Ord Rivers) all flow into the Cambridge Gulf (which then flows into Joseph Bonaparte Bay) and it was HUGE. Down below we could see iron ore being transported and loaded on to barges. These large Road Trains come in from a mine about 120kms away – Ridges Mine.

Loading Iron Ore

On our way back to Kununurra we passed the entrance to the Gibb Road – this is a well known dirt road which 4WD drivers aspire to do – it goes to Derby and is around 600kms long. Of course we had no intention of doing it but Ian just wanted to say he had driven some of it. However, much to his disappointment we could only drive on a rough detour as the whole road is slowly being upgraded to bitumen so we only drove a short distance before turning back. However, I managed to get a photo. Seems it is soon to be one less ‘4WD drive only’ roads in W.A.

Start of Gibb River Road

We were able to relax under the awning and watch the water birds etc. once we arrived back. This was certainly a lovely Park. Mind you, where the powered sites were they were packed in like sardines!

This Park has a sign on the facilities warning of Cane Toads – asking people to keep the doors closed at all times. There is also a pamphlet to let people know how to pick one up if they see it and there is a special bin in which they are to be placed and they are then ‘humanely’ disposed of twice a week. Most people we talk to have no idea what a cane toad looks like, let alone understand the reason for wanting their destruction! We never saw one thank goodness.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


One response to “Day 39 – 12 Aug 2012 – Still at Kununurra

  1. Yea good old’ Gibb River track. I drove it in in my lovely Hiace With 3 nurse friends from Derby. It was definitely rough , the dash board bounced off, the speakers fell down , the radiator sprung a leak and we were a whisker from having zippo water !! I reckon the dust would still have been there decades later. Great fun! (…..when you’re young and silly). Well I counted 4 wheels, might have even been 5 with a spare where ever that was.

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