Day 40 – 13 Aug 2012 – At The Bungle Bungles

We left the Park around 9.30 and drove into the town to purchase a Can Inverter – this is a small device (about the size of a drink can designed to fit in drink holders of cars) that converts DC current to AC current and enables us to charge our phones/cameras/computers from a car cigarette lighter type socket. This can be done in the car or in our case, in our Van as we have our own 12v power system within the van. The last 2 nights were without power and we ran out of power for the laptop and Ian’s mobile, and we knew we would probably be without power for another couple of nights so we needed some way to re-charge them. It cost $70 – well worth it. Even though we have a generator in quite a few places you are not allowed to use them.

The road to the Bungle Bungles was another good one, although this time the road narrowed a bit, but still a good surface.

For the first half of our drive we were passed by quite a few of the road trains carrying the iron ore to Wyndham – the ones we saw unloading at the port in Wyndham yesterday. We passed the entrance to the mine, but of course there was no public access.

Road Train carrying Iron Ore

Although the roads were good, we were surprised to see just how many of the bridges were single lane – at least 10. There were warning signs but it still could be a little hazardous with the road trains.

We stopped for lunch at Warnum (once called Turkey Creek). It was just a petrol stop, but it was very busy. Beside us was a Road Train which had unloaded some freight at Warnum and Ian noticed one of his tyres had blown out – shredded to bits. He got talking to the driver who said he knew – he heard it go about 50kms back but kept driving until he got to Warnum. It took him about ½ hour to replace it. He was a nice chap – told Ian and Bruce he wants to travel like us and that he has done up and old bus into a motor home. He said he had ‘only 839 sleeps to go’ when he was to head off on his trip around Australia!

There was a Scenic Tour Bus there as well. It was empty of passengers which was good because the driver realised one of the fan belts had broken. It was a brand new bus and he was a bit peeved that this happened – because it had also happened just a short while ago and it was thought that stones were getting up between the pulleys and the belts and so a huge stone guard was put in place. It obviously did not work. Anyway, he asked Ian if he could help him to replace belt – which he did. He was a nice chap too. He and his wife (they live in Tasmania) are planning an around Australia trip too.

We drove another 50kms or so and arrived at a caravan park just 1km off the road to the Bungle Bungles (now called PurnululuPark) and booked in. Unfortunately, no powered sites were left so we are unpowered again. Ian was able to power up all our batteries with the generator which was good. It is a fairly new park so the facilities etc. are not up to scratch – very basic indeed. There must nearly 100 vans, campervans, tents etc. here and there are only 8 toilets/showers – and the showers are seldom hot. The cost is $35 so it is rather expensive ($45 for power). However, it is the closest to the Bungle Bungles and as it is nearly 50kms into that Park it saves a lot of travelling for us tomorrow.

Our first sight of the Bungle Bungles

We got talking to a couple and the husband turned out to be a cousin of an ex-dairyfarmer from Stanhope (Wes Manton for those who might like to know). We had a good long chat with them. They have been doing a similar trip to ours. They live in Sunbury.

The weather had cooled considerably – 25C during the day and drops to 10C or so in the morning. We cannot get over how early the sun seems to rise here in W.A.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


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