Day 43 – 16 Aug 2012 – Still at Fitzroy Crossing

Only a short blog today as we have not done too much today. It will also be ‘posted’ late as we have Bob and Joan Manton calling in for a cup of coffee.

What a lovely quiet night. After breakfast Ian pressure-washed the caravan and the awning. It is good to have it all clean again. It was Darwin (Howard Springs) since we have been allowed to wash vehicles. I did a couple of loads of washing and then completely cleaned out the Van. It is amazing how much the fine red dust gets into the van despite door/window seals.

The front left blinker on the Landcruiser has a broken wire so Ian drove into the town to see if he could get a replacement. Unfortunately no auto electrician in Fitzroy Crossing as it is a very basic town . We then went shopping for groceries. There is an IGA in this town We just love IGA – it always carries most items you would find in bigger towns, but the fruit and vegies are as local as possible so they are always quite fresh. Once again this town has a lot of aboriginal people just lounging around the streets. They are no trouble, but they always look so aimless.

We then came back to the Van, had lunch, and then headed off to place called Geike Gorge (soon to be called DARNGU).

Geike Gorge

It is 18kms out of town on a good road. There is a boat cruise four times a day down the gorge so we chose to go on the 3pm one. There were over 30 people waiting to go on the cruise. Once again – another gorge … another view. You certainly cannot say that having seen one gorge you have seen them all.

crocodile on bank

This gorge has around 300 freshwater crocodiles and we would have seen 50 or so. Some of them were a good size.

The gorge was really lovely. The limestone cliffs are very rugged following yearly flooding and they were lovely to see. One side of the gorge was pink – something to do with algi and bacteria. Very pretty.

Pink limestone at Geiki Gorge

Must mention that one of the couples on the cruise were from Townsville so we got talking to them. Ended up he used to work with my brother Don Porter in the city council many, many years ago.

The boat was an open boat so it was a little warm sitting in the direct sunshine but there was a slight breeze blowing off the water which made us feel cool enough. Temp today was around 32C.

I took the opportunity today to book us both a seat on a trip to the Horizontal Falls. (Look them up on Google if you don’t know what they are). We will do the trip on Sunday. It is a fly in (on a sea plane) – land on the sea and board a jet boat which will take us up to where we can see the dramatic twice daily tidal surge. We will then stay overnight and then get the chance to see the morning tide. Not cheap, but there is no other way to see it. $795 pp. All meals provided. We will catch this flight in Derby.

Some of the people we have met over the past week or so are now in this park. It is good meeting ‘old’ friends again.

I have enjoyed being able to ring some family now we are back into a mobile zone.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


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