Day 45 – 18 Aug 2012 – Still at Derby

Nice quiet night and lovely and cool after a hot day.

Did some washing – it was completely dry in under 2 hours! Just as well as quite a strong wind blew every now and then and really spread the bright red dust which is all around this area so I was pleased I had already removed my washing from line. I can remember wondering if we really needed the washing machine which came with our caravan, but am so grateful. There are never enough washing machines or washing lines in many of the Parks we come to. This one limits using the machines between 7pm and 7am which is a little tough I think.

I spent the morning using the phone – rang Mum in Townsville, a friend in Townsville and a friend in Perth. It was getting quite hot by lunch time (around 34C) so we sat inside in airconditioned comfort.

After lunch we decided to try the Port again, seeing as how it is supposed to be one of the tourist ‘venues’ here in Derby – and were pleased to see that it was possible to drive right down to the wharf itself, and walk along there.

The long wharf at Derby

The tide was just on the turn and there were people everywhere with lines out, hoping to catch barramundi. There were lots of crab pots too and we saw many caught but they were all much too small to keep. It was rather warm on the wharf but there was a slight breeze off the ocean which helped a lot.

We then decided to drive around the town and have a good look. Much of the town is old, and many of the houses are rather old too. However, we then drove around a few back streets and came upon a couple of new smaller suburbs. The houses were lovely and they all had very nice gardens and lawns. Quite a surprise. We would never have seen them if we had stuck to the main area of town. These houses are all built with a corrugated colorbond – seems to me they would be hot, but it obviously is not the case. They are also nearly all a dark grey in color, but they do look very smart. We wonder who would be living in them. It is not an aboriginal area so the houses are not for them, and there is no mine nearby. There is a large airforce base here (Curtin Base) so maybe it is for the RAAF. There is a very large sports complex and a very well maintained AFL ground here, and quite a large Catholic School. We have checked out the churches and think we will try the Baptist Church tomorrow morning. It is 9.00am so should beat the heat of the day.

We then did a basic grocery shop – there is a large Woolworths and smaller IGA, as well as other stores of course. Quite adequate considering the size of the population of the town.

Ducks on wetlands at Derby

We then drove to a man-made wetlands on the edge of the town, but it was rather basic, although there was a noticeboard identifying the many birds which could be seen but we could only see ducks and ibis.

Last night I mentioned the boab trees – I forgot to mention they are protected and therefore fences and road go around them, so I took a photo of one in the middle of a street here.

Boab tree in middle of street

Remember tomorrow we will be on our flight/cruise to the Horizontal Waterfalls, so there will be no blog posted until Monday night. And remember – we are 2 hours behind Eastern States so when I finally post a blog it often is quite late.

Love to all, Janese and Ian.


4 responses to “Day 45 – 18 Aug 2012 – Still at Derby

  1. It has been snowing in Vic this week starting to clear now calves still coming would love to be in your shoes but reading the blog each day is the next best thing. Oh by the way your new gate sign is up.

    • What do you mean – new sign? A Fonterra sign? Or the new owners? Sorry to hear how cold it is. We have forgotten what cold and wet and cloudy is like. The skies are always a deep blue. Mind you it has been rather hot some time, but the weather does cool down in the evenings which is good. We often think of you all and wonder how you are going, but much to our surprise we hardly ever think about our farm. It has amazed me how Ian has adapted to retirement. It must have been the right time! Take care – glad you are enjoying our journey. Regards, Janese and Ian

  2. Hi
    Glad to see the photos are back! I missed them over the last few days & assume you did not post any, The text had spaces as if photos were expected.
    Hope you enjoy the horizontal falls

    • Hello Doug. Just a quick reply. Whenever I check out my blog all the photos are there, although I have had a couple of other people say they do not always see them just as you have said. I don’t know why because others have not had that trouble. Absolutely LOVED the Horizontal Waterfalls. Now in Cable Beach (outside Broome) in a caravan park which is the size of a small city (over 450 sites) and just as friendly!! We do not like the large parks at all but sometimes we have no choice. We will stay a couple of days at least. Temp is 33C and very hot. Glad you are enjoying the blog. Guess you are getting excited about your trip coming up. Hope all the arrangements are falling into place. Love, Janese and Ian

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