Day 48 – 21 Aug 2012 – Still at Broome (Cable Beach)

Cable Beach

Didn’t get back from Maureen’s until after 11pm so slept in a bit this morning and had a late breakfast. Got a phone call from Linda – she discovered she had a tick on her hip so was off to the hospital to get it checked out. Fortunately it fell off on its own, but the Dr. was able to check that it came away whole. He also gave her a printout of something called Lime’s Disease which can result from tick bites. If she experiences any of the symptoms she will need to get antibiotics. At least she was able to get it all checked out. They seem to be having a real run of bad luck as we also got a phone message around 4.00pm to say they had a flat tyre on the way out of Broome and were back in town getting it fixed. We will try to catch up with them somewhere tomorrow.

We walked about 1/2km to Cable Beach. It is an extremely lovely area.

The sand is almost all white and the water was an amazing blue. Very pretty indeed. There were lots of people sun-tanning (when will they learn) and some people swimming – the water is rather cold at the moment. We then saw that there was a section of the beach where 4WD vehicles could drive along so we walked back to the Park and drove back to that spot. However, the incoming tide was encroaching on a lot of the area so we just drove in a little way as the last thing Ian wanted was to get salt water on our Landcruiser.

4WD Driving along the beach at Cable Beach

We then drove into the tourist info centre as we thought it would be good to do the Double Decker Bus Trip around town. However, it was not running today which was a disappointment. So we decided to do our own Broome Tour. First, we drove out to Gantheaume Point which is a site with a lighthouse, and at low tide, dinosaur footprints dating back 120million years are able to be seen. It was not the right tide to see the footprints, but the scenery was lovely. I still can’t get used to the bright red dirt/rocks/boulders which has been so much part of the scenery for weeks and weeks now. Even on this shoreline the sand and rocks were red (so different to Cable Beach across the way) so couldn’t resist taking a photo with the blue sea behind.

Sea and rocks at Gantheaume Point

We then drove a short unsealed road to the Deep Water Port. There were a few boats in the harbour area and it was quite pretty.

We then drove back for lunch and looked at all the info. brochures to see where to next. So we drove down to a place called Streeters Jetty where there were old pearling luggers on display. It was interesting. Every second shop sells pearls. They were lovely to look at.

We then thought we would go to the museum but when we got there it was already closed so we drove down to the town beach for a look. It was so different to Cable Beach, but still very lovely, although the tide was going out quite rapidly so the rocks and sand bars were all exposed. We stopped there for some time and spoke to a woman who was also there for the view. Ended up she originally came from Wonthaggi and knew a few people Ian knew when he worked there with the NAB 42 years ago.

By then it was nearing sunset so we drove back to Cable Beach to see the ‘famous’ sunset. There were people everywhere. Most were  picnicing on the grassed lawns and it was very picturesque. There were 2 large restaurants right on the beach front and they were packed. There were many tourists just like us waiting to see the sunset and capture it in a photo.

Sunset at Cable Beach

We were not disappointed. It was really lovely.

We are still struggling with the way the sun sets so quickly here – absolutely light one minute/pitch black the next.

We drove back to the Van only to find the Van opposite us was having a party – there must be 20 or so people there – all our age or older – and they are celebrating someone’s birthday. They are having quite some fun. We can’t get over how these semi permanent caravanners set up their vans here for 5 months or so. They have fairy lights all around – they have tables all set up under temporary gazebos with lamps and dinnerware and they all know each other so well. It is a certain culture that’s for sure.

We will leave Broome tomorrow and start heading southwards. The temp today was a pleasant 29C and we see the temp. down Perth way is quite cool, so we will make the most of this weather while we still can. We may be driving into areas which do not have mobile/internet access, but I will blog whenever I can.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


2 responses to “Day 48 – 21 Aug 2012 – Still at Broome (Cable Beach)

  1. Surprised Linda received a print out on Lime’s disease, as most medico’s say it doesn’t exist in Australia. However a number of people who suspected they had it (and had not travelled outside Australia), sent blood samples overseas for testing and results returned positive for Lime’s disease.

  2. What an awesome sunset photo. Everything sounds so amazing, I’m loving living vicariously through the blog.
    Love you guys

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