Day 49 – 22 Aug 2012 – at Eighty Mile Beach

Tonight’s blog will be quick because I have been lucky to get internet access even though it is not really available in this area and I do not know how long it will last before I am thrown out, because I have already been thrown out twice – so there will be no photos as they will not download on such a weak signal. (NEXT DAY – Can add photos now)

Left around 8.00am. Weather was lovely and mild but a short way on the Highway we encountered fog. Found out later on it was something to do with a cloud inversion – even the Broome airport had to be closed for a short while. We only drove in it for about 10 kms so it was no bother but it was a suprise as the sky has been blue and cloudless since we were in Alice Springs all that long time ago.

We pulled in at Sandfire (petrol stop/roadside park) for lunch. While we were there Bruce and Linda finally caught up with us again. We were able to see the damage to their caravan after their tyre blew out a couple of days ago. The damage is under the wheel but there is a sufficient hole to mean they will have to be careful when it comes to driving on really dirty dusty roads. Such a nuisance for them. They really have had such bad luck.

We all then drove on to Eighty Mile Beach. This was a 10 km drive in on a soft red dirt road, but Bruce and Linda still drove in – albeit very slowly and carefully to minimise the dirt. We were unable to get a powered site even though it was just after lunch but it doesn’t matter because we are only here for one night.

Eighty Mile Beach

The Highway we are on at the moment is just on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert, but you would never know as the vegetation is quite thick everywhere.

We did a long walk along the beach and watched the tide go out. It goes out over 2 kms. We then all went to the sand dunes to watch the magnificent sunset. Took some good photos.

Sunset over Eighty Mile Beach

Weather lovely and mild. We can hear the waves on the shore. Very peaceful.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


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