Day 53 – 26 Aug 2012 – at Tom Price

Last night was probably the quietest night we have had on our trip. Our Park was way out in the bush, and once the sun set, like bats returning to their caves, everybody just went into their tents/campervans/caravans – pulled the blinds and you would not know there was another person around let alone 60 or so people.

We woke to the sound of lovely birds singing in the bush. Very peaceful indeed.

We left around 9.00am. The Highway we were on was called the Karanjini Drive. Once again we were amazed at the lovely scenery.

Scenery on road to Tom Price

Our general opinion before leaving Victoria was that these places would look rather dry and desolate, but we could never have been more incorrect. We weaved our way in and around rocky hills/mountains and each turn seemed to show another lovely view. The vegetation is mostly spinifex covering on the ground with different types of gum trees and wattles above. These gum trees are not very tall, but some of them with their stark white bark against the red of the rocky escarpements were just beautiful. There are many more wildflowers out now but they are hard to get a photo of unless we stop and because we presume we will see more and more of these sights we will wait until then to get a good photo.

At one stage we had to pass through a cutting – it was quite steep up and down, but only for a few kms. but certainly was a lovely view.

Tom Price is only 110kms or so from Dales Gorge so it was an easy day today. We booked in at a lovely caravan park here. There is grass around most of the sites so it is rather pleasant so we are pleased with the spot. We noticed Bruce and Linda were parked here too so we have caught up with them again,although tomorrow Bruce is going on the 8.30 am mine tour, whilst we were only able to book on the 10.30 am tour,, so they will go ahead of us again.

I was glad to get to some power and water as I was getting desperate to get our washing done. There was also a chance to wash the car but Ian managed to fill in his day talking to a few people and did not get the time to do it in the end. The Landcruiser does need a good clean, but we are not the only ones with with a dirty car so we do not feel different. We are beginning to notice that most people now have Landcruisers pulling their vans so I couldn’t resist taking a photo of them just down from our vehicle.

All the Landcruisers

We drove into the town to the Info Centre and booked a tour to the Rio Tinto Mine tomorow – a chance to see our shares at work! We could not get the earliest tour but were able to get the 10.30am tour. It should be very interesting.

On the way into town there is a huge Rio Tinto Dump Truck on display so we got some very good photos. Although I presume we will see bigger and better ones tomorrow at the actual Mine. Briefly some – statistics Tare weight 98 tonne GVM 248 tonne Diameter of wheels 2.9 metres and they estimate that during its working life of 12 years it carted 23 million tonne of ore. Photos do not really do justice to the size of these vehicles.

Ian beside large Dump Truck

We then drove around the town to have a look at what the town was like. We were very impressed with the town. The houses were very nice and quite modern. Most of the houses had green lawns outside – water seems to be no issue up here. There were areas where new subdivisions were going in. We presume, because all the houses were similar, they may be Mine Houses.

We then filled up with fuel – being careful it was diesel!!!! and then Ian wanted to go to the top of Mount Nameless near here.It is the highest mountain accessible 4WD in W.A. Too much for me – I do not enjoy these rough and windy roads but Ian enjoyed himself. The view was okay, but it was getting a little dark so it was a little hazy.

View from Mount Nameless

We took the opportunity today to skype the children and grandchildren. It was lovely. I do miss them so much and although enjoying the trip am glad we are on the back stretch to home – mind you we don’t know where ‘home’ is!!!

Love to all, Janese and Ian


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