Day 63 – 5 Sep 2012 – Still at Geraldton

Woke to a very cloudy sky but absolutely not one breath of wind. How different compared to the other 2 days here.

After breakfast we drove about 24kms south of Geraldton to a place called Greenough. This is a small area which has quite a  lot to offer tourists. Our first stop was the heritage buildings from the old townsite. All these buildings are now owned and being preserved by the National  Heritage Trust. They were all made of the the local stone and were very solid indeed. Once the main centre for the agriculture of this area it soon died out due to disease of crops,fire and floods and new technology (machinery) took over and grain and meat products could be sent via the port at Geraldton.

All the buildings were well maintained, or have been refurbished in the last 25 years or so and some of them were still furnished, such as the Anglican and Catholic churches (in fact they still hold the occasional wedding or church service in them), but most of the others had just enough to show what life would have been like in the late 1800’s. All the buildings were able to be entered and we could walk around the rooms etc. There were lots of explanatory boards on the walls, and lots of old photos so it was an interesting venue. Ian and I really do enjoy finding out about the early pioneers.

Hope you enjoy this photo of me in the Judge’s Chair and Ian in the dock!

Court house at Greenough Historical Village

Our next stop was the Pioneer Museum which had a good write up in the tourist catalogue. However, much to our disappointment it was closed today.

So we drove just a little way back to Geraldton and stopped at a place with the famous ‘leaning tree’. The winds blow so fiercely along this coast line that some of the trees are well and truly leaning but this tree is the most famous. It is a red gum tree.

The famous ‘leaning tree’ at Greenough

The countryside on the way to Greenough was mostly farming land and although the crops looked good, they were not very high. We know that W.A. has had a very dry winter so no doubt they are all looking forward to getting rain.

Before getting back to Geraldton we drove into a small outer suburb called Cape Burney. We could not get over the amount of houses in this tiny little area – and there were ads. for a new subdivision opening. It was on the Greenough River which flowed into the Indian Ocean so it was quite picturesque. We walked to a viewing platform, and although the wind was hardly blowing, it was amazing just how rough the sea looked. The noise of the waves was just like hearing constant thunder.

Large sandune near Cape Burney

All down this coastline there are some huge sand dunes and we can see how in places it is beginning to take over areas. We wonder if this small township at Cape Burney will be at risk as the years go by.

We then drove back to Geraldton and stopped on one of the picnic areas designated on the foreshore tourist drive and sat and ate out lunch.

Turbulent sea outside our lunch shelter

Again, only a slight breeze, but the sea was very turbulent. I could never be a sailor – it almost made me seasick just watching the waves!

We spent the rest of the afternoon just relaxing. For quite some time now we have either been in a town at the time, or seen advertising for dates near to when we are in a town, for the GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS, and they are now in Geraldton. So Ian has bought tickets for us to go tomorrow night. I don’t really like to see animals performing, but Ian wants to go and I guess I will enjoy most of it.

Love to all Janese & Ian


2 responses to “Day 63 – 5 Sep 2012 – Still at Geraldton

  1. There will be a few “leaning trees” in Victoria after the ferocious winds yesterday. Fortunately no damage here, but some areas in Vic are still without power and many trees were blown over.

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