Day 65 – 7 Sep 2012 – At Cervantes

Went to the circus last night. It was okay, but not fantastic. Did you know there is no longer a circus ring as such – just a stage and people (like us) who had tickets towards the side of the stage could not get to see everything as well as those with tickets in the front of the stage. The performers were good and the clowns were certainly amusing, but I don’t think I will rush to go to a circus again.

The wind picked up again through the night and it was a very windy morning once more. It would drive me mad to live in a place which was nearly always so windy!

Ian drove to the local Beaurepairs shop with our flat tyre. They were unable to repair it as it had been too damaged so we had to buy a new one. Fortunately our warranty did kick in a bit and we saved over $250 on the new one. It was 11.00 am before we left the caravan park.

We then drove on the Brand Highway (No.1) heading towards Perth, but planned to veer down a newly finished coast road about 60kms south of Geraldton. The first stop on this road is through Dongara/Port Denison (twin towns). We stopped at Port Denison for lunch – went to the local bakery and bought a pastie and sat by the seashore to enjoy it. What a lovely spot this was. There are not many places we have been through on this trip where I could say “I could live there”, but this was one of them. Of course we were seeing the sea at its best – nice and calm because the beach was quite sheltered, but it was a lovely town indeed.

Port Denison – where we had lunch

A lot of this Coastal Highway actually does follow the sea and some of the views as we crested a hill or turned corner were just superb. The ocean is such a deep blue here in Western Australia. We are still thrilled every time we see another section of this lovely coast. This area is now called the Turquoise Coast and we can see why. It is not only the sea views which make this a lovely drive though. The whole area – both sides of the road sometimes – are covered in huge sand dunes.

White sand dune

The sand is such a brilliant white. However, they are not bare but many are well covered with some forms of vegetation and at the moment there are wattles everywhere. Some of the wattles are ground cover and they looked so lovely on the white sand. It was hard to get a good photo as we were driving by. We passed quite a few areas where this sand is actually being mined as lime – then used in agriculture. It is quite a large business here in W.A.

Next stop was a small township called Leeman. Another lovely coastal view with good facilities for tourists to walk to viewing platforms. Great photo opportunities. We could always see breakers  away in the distance – a good reason why this was such a treacherous coast for shipping. Although the view on this beach was delightful we were not so impressed with the town. It was bigger than Port Denison and just too busy. There are new subdivisions going up everywhere – WHERE ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE COMING FROM WHO ARE LIVING IN THESE NEW HOUSES???

Beach at Leeman

We then drove past the next stop – Green Head – as we were running a little late to get to a stop to book in for the night. Will put this beach spot on our ‘to do’ list next time we visit this area.

So we then drove into Jurien Bay – quite a lovely spot and the Park was right on the beach, but unfortunately they did not have any spots left and there is nowhere to ‘free’ park along this coast so we had to drive either 20kms back to Green Head or 20 kms on to Cervantes. So we chose the last choice and quickly rang ahead. They had a spot free, but unpowered, but that does not bother us.

We arrived at Cervantes around 3.30pm. In the end we were so pleased that we drove this far, as this town is a lot, lot nicer than Jurien Bay. Again, right on the beach front and very picturesque. We also have a grassed site which is good – no sand; no dust.

Beautiful Ocean view – Leeman

We had a quick afternoon tea and then went for a walk to the beach which was just a couple of minutes away. Very lovely view indeed. The foreshore is well set up with lovely grassed areas, playground equipment etc. and a good viewing platform. This is a cray fishing area and there were lots of similar style large boats just off shore. Sone of the houses just off the foreshore were very elegant houses – homes of crayfishermen we presume. It is only a small town of around 500 people, but very well set out.

We met some nice people in the Van behind us and talked with them right up till time to cook tea. They are cropping/sheep farmers from south of Perth.

There are a few ‘touristy’ things to do here so we may stay a little longer than a night. Will decide tomorrow. Nearby are some saline lakes with those unusual stromatolites like we saw at Hamelin Pool and everyone says ‘go see the Pinnacles’. We are also planning on going to a local Rock Lobster Factory.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


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