Day 67 – 9 Sep 2012 – at Serpentine (south of Perth)

Left Cervantes around 8.30am. The wind had picked up again so it was quite blustery. We drove along the newly 0pened Indian Ocean Road. As I said before this road is as good, if not better than, the Great Ocean Road because there are so many views of the ocean as you drive by.

Sand Dunes beside Indian Ocean Road

The sand dunes right beside the road were amazing. The foliage on the sides of the road was also amazing. Still lots of the wattle, but this time there were large patches of wild flowers as well as bigger shrubs than the ground cover of the past few days. We also drove for a few kilometres where the main foliage which we could see were the grass tree black boy plants (yucca tree plant). There must have been thousands and thousands of them.

We decided last night that we really did not wish to go to a City so would give Perth a miss. Fortunately there are 2 major freeways from north to south of the City which we were able to drive on. Gosh they were both so busy.

The first Freeway is the Mitchell Freeway and it started in one of the beachside towns north of Perth, although once we entered this area we realised this township is now no more than a distant outer suburb of Perth, as the houses never stopped from thereon in – and it was certainly busy. We remembered that the West Coast Eagles were playing an elimination final today in Perth so we presumed the traffic was heading to the city for that reason because for a Sunday it was bumper to bumper for most of the way.

Railway Station in middle of Freeway Carriageways

This Freeway was a little different to any we had been on before because a railway line ran in between the two carriageways. Every now and then a Train Station appeared – again right in the middle of the Freeway. Access to the Stations was via an overhead bridge. Each of the Stations looked very modern, but none was the same design. Most unusual. They seemed to be quite well patronised too. Every now and then a train went by which was so unexpected whilst driving along a Freeway. Very interesting!

We drove over the Swan River and certainly the aspect of this River through the city is most attractive, but it is still a CITY – a place where we would rather not be. Too busy and too loud for us.

Crossing over the Swan River

Our caravan park is at a small township called Serpentine. It is right on the base of the Darling Range and is quite picturesque. There is a national park right next to the Park and some of the photos we have seen in the advertising brochures certainly do look nice. We may drive in there – depends whether we stay for another night.

After we parked the Van I did some washing while Ian took the opportunity to visit a small, close by, Machinery and Tractor museum,which was originally a personal collection of one man over many years,and it was his wish the collection be maintained in its entirety. With the help of sponsorship from Alcoa Australia,the local council and a willing band of volunteers it is now housed in a purpose built shed.He certainly had collected a great many tractors and stationery engines together with other machinery over his lifetime, and most of them are in working order,even if they have not been restored completely. Today’s weather is a warm, pleasant, 27C so the washing dried in just a few hours so that was good. We have heard that the weather will be a bit cooler later in the week though.

We will be visiting friends (Clarendon,s) for dinner tonight so I am posting this Blog a little earlier than usual.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


2 responses to “Day 67 – 9 Sep 2012 – at Serpentine (south of Perth)

  1. Pity you by passed Perth – a beautiful city with lovely beaches, and Freemantle has so much history!. You are not alone putting up with the wind. Today is the first day for several it has not been blowing a gale. The other night on TV news was a full size trampoline being blown down a Geelong street by gale force winds

    • We will do Perth and Fremantle another time. We reckon it’s best to leave some areas unlooked at to encourage us to come back again some time. We never did Kalbarri or Karratha or Newman for these reasons as well. Also pulling a 23ft. caravan into these cities is a bit of task and we did not want to do it this time. Although tourists are well catered for, many of the roads were built long before big cars pulling big vans came along so sometimes it can be a little bit too squeezy!! My friend Dot and her husband live 40 kms south of Perth in Baldivis so it was easier to get into a park not too far from them. Mind you, Baldivis is really just an outer suburb of Perth with regular train services to the city for commuting office workers. They have built a new house in a new area – it is a nice house, but all the houses are crammed in so close it was quite claustrophobic. We both know we could never live in an area like that. Actually getting close to the time when we could do some house hunting – should be fun! Glad your wind has finally abated. The weather here is a mild 23C and very pleasant indeed. Just off to see the Serpentine Dam before meeting Dot. again and doing some more ‘touristy’ things. Keep in touch. Love,Janee

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