Day 73 – 15 Sep 2012 – at Bremer Beach

We took our time to leave the Park at Rest Point this morning. This is one of the good things about not having a deadline to meet – we don’t have to rush if we don’t want to. We spent some time talking to people in the Van near ours. This is also one of the good things about not being in a hurry – being able to take the time to have a good long chat with ‘strangers’. We both agree this is one of the better parks we have been in for its view, its quietness and the room offered each van. Cost was just $22 per night which is one of the cheapest we have ever paid for a powered site.

Couldn’t resist taking a photo of the local pelicans all asleep on the little jetty here at Rest Point.

Pelicans all sitting down on the pier

The road out from Walpole to Denmark was quite lovely – lots of paddocks with lovely green lush grass; although once again very little livestock on these paddocks.

But the road from Denmark to Albany was a lot less attractive. Very little farmland and lots of tree plantations, which are quite ugly anyway. We arrived in Albany around 12.00 and re-fuelled. We then drove into the CBD to check out what we could do there. However, the Info. Centre was almost impossible for us to reach with our big-rig so we just turned back up the main street, and drove out of town. It is a city of over 30,000 people but we did not think it was a very nice looking town. It is right on a bay and there is quite a large port there and we did drive down there because it was at the end of the main street and we needed to drive there to be able to turn around back up the main street.

Port at Albany

We turned off towards Esperance (although we knew we would not go that far today) and quite enjoyed the scenery on this road – more farmland again, and this time quite a few farms with beef cattle, and sheep on the cropping land. The cropping properties were huge – canola is the main crop here and with it all in flower it does look rather spectacular. Talking about the ‘yellow’ colour of the canola, I forgot to mention the other day that we are now unfortuntely beginning to see lots of ‘yellow’ for other reasons — capeweed. In some places the paddocks are covered with them. Today is the first day we have noticed thistles in paddocks  – it has surprised us that we have not seen them before.

We stopped outside of a small town called Many Peaks and had lunch at a roadside pull-off parking area. It was nice and quiet.

Not long after getting back on to the road we noticed that the wildflowers were everywhere. They were all shades of pink, red, purple, orange, yellow and even white. Some were ground covers with the tiniest of flowers, some were in trees with huge blossoms and then anything in between those 2 sizes. It was absolutely lovely. We travel too fast for my little camera to pick these flowers up well, and it is hard to stop quickly on a main highway. But they were absolultely beautiful. Did manage to get a lovely photo of a bottlebrush when we did stop.

yellow bottlebrush

We turned off the Highway towards Bremer Beach – you will have to check it out on a map if you do not know where it is. It is situated in a sheltered estuary on Bremer Bay – right on the Southern Ocean, and adjoins Fitzgerald River National Park. The caravan park is right near one of the eight beaches on this bay. It is a lovely caravan park – lovely green grass everywhere, beautiful shady trees for every site and lots of room around each site. The manager told us that when the school holidays begin they are fully booked out so we are glad we are just before that as it is a lovely spot. After setting up we drove to a few of the picturesque spots in the area.

The first was called Fishery Beach. This is a lovely area with a big jetty and boat ramp and the view was magic. It is a very safe beach for children so is rather popular with families. It is a 1.5km walk from the caravan park. The beaches here are pure white and the sea is once again turquoise blue. So lovely.

Next drive was to Short Beach. The sea here was a little rougher than the first beach, but still a swimming beach, as all the beaches here are within the bay area so are sheltered from the Southern Ocean somewhat. There was not a soul on either beach but we can just imagine how busy it would be in the summer.

Fishery Beach at Bremer Bay

Next stop was a short drive to Tooleburrup Hill Lookout. This gave a 360 degrees view of the area. Unfortunately there was a bit of haze owing to sea spray, although there was not much surf that we could see in the areas which were closer to the Southern Ocean, but the view was good nonetheless.

It was getting quite cool by this time so we drove back to the Van and Ian is watching the Eagles vs the Magpies while I finish tonight’s blog.


2 responses to “Day 73 – 15 Sep 2012 – at Bremer Beach

  1. Rog and I liked Albany. Found the whaling station and it’s history great, and enjoyed the various lookouts, altho we nearly got blown off the rocks with the wind in one place. Presume you are headed to Esperance – Rog spent several months there over 45 years years ago. We enjoyed our time there a few years back. Rog suggested a visit to the Pink Lakes during your time there.

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