Day 79 – 21 Sep 2012 – On roadside on the Nullabor

We left Kambalda around 9.45 and headed back on the same road we came from 2 days ago – to Norseman. We stopped at Norseman to buy some groceries before heading off to drive along the Nullabor and Ian also re-fuelled because we know the fuel price will be a bit dearer from now on.

Well, once again we have been surprised at what the countryside would be like. We had an idea that this drive along the Nullabor would be flat, and bare and desert-looking. Nothing like it !! The road was undulating, and the vegetation was quite thick where the mallee tree was most prolific and the rest of the country side was covered with smaller shrubs and ground covers. Saltbush was one of the plants and in some places it was all that could be seen, but just when we thought we had seen the last of trees, in a short while there they were again. Certainly, so far, you could not say it has been a boring drive. There were patches of just dirt, but it certainly did not look desert. It would still be a very tough country to surive in though.

We stopped at a parking bay just out of Balladonia and had lunch. Not long after we started back on the road we came upon the sign which said we were now driving along the longest straight stretch of road in Australia – 146.5 kms. It was amazing. We expected to see just a long flat road, but the road was undulating. We wondered if there would be double lines anywhere, but not once in the whole 146.5 kms was there any. Shows just how easy this road is for passing traffic.  It was a good drive.

Long straight road ahead

The straight road ended at a place called Caiguna which is a small petrol stop/caravan park/motel. We re-fuelled and then drove on for another 17kms to a road-side stop. There was no mobile reception at Caiguna so it was just as easy to free camp beside the road as we can cope quite well without power when we have to. There were 2 other vans pulled up when we drove in and another one pulled in while we were having tea. It has been quite warm today – over 30C  – and very, very windy. As the evening progressed the temperature did cool down which was good.

One of the things we have seen a few times on this trip has been a road sign which says ‘RFDS emergency landing strip’ and shortly after that are road markings for landing a plane and there is cleared land where traffic waits if and when this has to happen.

When we drove out of Caiguna there was a sign saying that we were now in Central Western Time and we had to put our clocks/watches forward 45 minutes. Never ever knew there was another time zone here. We will get across the S.A. border tomorrow and will have to alter our times once more. Hopefully we will be in Victoria before daylight saving begins otherwise we will be totally confused!!!

Love to all, Janese and Ian


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