Day 80 – 22 Sep 2012 – Still on roadside of the Nullabor

There were 3 other vans parked in this roadside stop. We had a chat with a couple next to us but it was too windy to stay outside for long.

No TV at our bush site, but we were able to get the ABC radio so listened to the Sydney/Collingwod semi-final. So pleased that Sydney won.

The wind had died down by the time we went to bed, but about 4.30am it started up again – absolute gale force. And it has continued all day – fortunately a tail wind again so our fuel economy has been excellent.

By the time we got out of bed at 7.45am our ‘fellow’ campers for the night had all left. Everyone seems to be in a hurry!!

We left around 9.00am and headed east once more along the Nullabor. It is really the Eyre Highway – the actual Nullabor Plains do not begin until just before the small settlement town of Nullabor, which is just a roadhouse and caravan park.

Again the scenery varied from typical coastal salt bush and low shrubs, to much larger trees and heavy vegetation.

We did not know that at Madura the whole scenery would change dramatically – we missed a quick turnoff to a lookout overlooking the Roe Plains but still what we could see from the road was lovely – a deep valley and a mountain range beside us. We continued to travel beside this low mountain range for at least 200 kms or so. This range was quite heavily treed and the countryside was so different to what we have driven through yesterday and the first part of this morning.

We drove on until we reached Eucla where we stopped to have our lunch at the roadside petrol station. There were caravans everywhere. Of course this is the only road out of W.A. so everyone has to be on it if they wish to leave W.A. to S.A. or vice versa.

We then re-fuelled before heading further east. Diesel was $1.90 a litre.

Not far from turning back on to the highway we began to see the ocean right beside the road. There was a good spot to stop for our first view of the Great Australian Bight. The wind was still blowing a real gale and so there were white caps everywhere, and it was certainly pretty (and very cold standing on the windy cliff edge).

Overlooking The Great Australian Bight

After Eucla is the small border stop called Border Village where we expected to be stopped and searched to make sure we were not bringing any fruit, vegetables or honey into S.A. However, there was no-one there stopping vehicles but there was a sign which said the next check point would be Ceduna. We had not realised that it was so far into S.A. before being checked when entering S.A. (The Border checkout was for vehicles leaving S.A.) and it was a bit of a nuisance as we had made sure we had no fruit or vegies or honey on board, so we are just having eggs on toast tonight.

There was no sign to remind us to change our clocks to S.A. time either so we are just presuming we had to do it.

Our bush stop for the night

We had decided that another bush stop was ok for tonight and so we checked our camping guide and found one just 20kms short of the town of Nullabor and pulled in. There were already 3 Vans parked for the night and another one has come in while I have been typing this. The wind is still blowing and the weather is quite cool – about 20C.

Just before pulling into here we had a medium sized kangaroo jump out in front of us but we saw him in enough time for Ian to put on the brakes and it just bounded away safely. Today is the first day in a long time we have seen so much road kill – mostly kangaroo, but also some eagles and emus. Always makes me sad. Forgot to say that yesterday we saw a dead camel beside the road – presume it was a road train that hit it, otherwise it would have done unbelievable damage to any other vehicle.

Eagles flying away from some road kill

We are definitely on the home run now we are in S.A.

Love to all, Janese and Ian


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